BMC offers comprehensive blood tests to patients referred by physicians or medical institutions across the country. Consultations are also available in general and internal medicine, pediatrics, and physiotherapy.

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Exclusive Interview in Rwandair Inzozi Magazine

by Amauld Nkusi   |   Inzozi Magazine   |   RwandAir. PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE When it comes to health matters, the use of ‘top priority’ to precede any mention of this vital sector seems befitting. Throughout the world, countries with a high-performing health system have been known to quickly gain a reputation so good that even…
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Bio Medical Centre Cherishing contribution to Rwanda’s health

Courtesy of BY HOPE MAGAZINE  |  JULY 2014 Looking back at 1994 and the few years that followed, the health sector, one of the most important sectors of the country, was no different in terms of chaos from any of the other sectors. The challenge of insufficient health professionals to cater for the many wounded…
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