About BMC

Bio Medical Center is an established health care center specialized in clinical pathology. We pride ourselves in providing leading edge health care services to the community

Alphonse Karagirwa M.D.

Dr. Alphonse Karagirwa is a clinical pathologist with over 30 years of expertise in hematology and microbiology, clinical bacteriology, parasitology, and immunology. He also holds a graduate diploma in tropical medicine and a Masters degree in tropical parasitology.

Dr. Karagirwa practiced medicine in France for several years and held various management positions in the public and private sector. In Rwanda, he has lectured, managed and also helped the team who reinstated laboratory medicine at CHUK Hospital.

About BMC

Founded in 2002 by Dr. Alphonse Karagirwa, BMC initially solely provided diagnostics medicine services. With a rising demand from physicians for suitable spaces to practice other specialties, BMC expanded to include other specialties among which, family medicine, pediatrics, physiotherapy, and dermatology. Today, BMC is considered one of the leading health care centres in Rwanda.


At BMC we believe in providing excellent health services vital to the community. Our mission is to serve local and regional physicians and health institutions with fast, accurate, and affordable services.

The quality of our health management system, which includes state of the art medical testing equipment, and an array of specialized practitioners is a reflection of our motto: “Bio Medical Center exists to exceed all of its customer’s expectations”.