Medical Services

BMC offers comprehensive blood tests to patients referred by physicians or medical institutions across the country. Consultations are also available in general and internal medicine, pediatrics, and physiotherapy.


We process a large number of biological specimens likely to contain bacterial germs, including: organism fluids, the fluid of the joint puncture, ascites, cerebrospinal fluid, urine, gynecological samples, mucocutaneous suppuration.

This process helps detect the presence of bacteria and / or pathogenic fungi.

Our laboratory has set up state-of-the-art techniques which provide the physician with a complete report on how to effectively treat the infectious pathology.


The equipment in our laboratories used for hematology come from the best-known manufacturers in this field.

Our tests allow physicians to rapidly confirm a diagnosis, particularly in the case of anemia, thrombocytopenia, archaea proliferation of marrow diseases and others.

The lab tests are run by our trained laboratory technicians who then interpret the results for the physician and patient.

Our biologist also performs cytopathic blood smear analysis to detect and identify abnormal cells in patients’ blood count. Since its founding, BMC has been a leader in this type of testing. We diagnose several types of leukemia each year.

We also run blood coagulation tests in this department.


This service has two sectors:


Serological markers help identify infectious diseases. Among other things, serology helps diagnose viral hepatitis B.

We also use serology to prevent potential congenital infectious diseases in pregnant women.

In this department we test the hormone levels to diagnose diseases related to hormones (thyroid hormones, fertility hormones, cortisol).

Additionally, we identify tumour markers to diagnose and monitor various cancers.

Molecular Biology

We measure the viral load of viral hepatitis B and C  using the Real Time PCR method. It is an advanced fully automated type of technology.

We monitor hepatitis C treatments to ensure the prescribed doses will show the prolonged negation of the viral load thus indicating healing.


In this field, we focus on testing and analyzing for parasitic diseases found in the blood (malaria), intestines and urine(helminthiasis, amoebiasis, trichomoniasis).

We also specialize in testing and providing diagnostics for a number of tropical parasitic infections such as bilharziasis, filariasis.


This service helps prevent diseases and provide a diagnostic.

Some of the tests we do can help prevent or treat: glucose metabolism disorders (mainly diabetes), and risk factors that can lead to cardiovascular diseases. We also ran tests to screen and monitor renal and hepatic pathologies.

We also analyze numerous enzymes and substrates that accurately measure the function of various vital organs such as the liver or kidneys.

Clinical consultations

We have in-house physicians who can provide consultation services. You can ask for an appointment with a general practitioner, a pediatrician (part-time) and a physician specialized in internal medicine.

We also have a physiotherapist on site.